Carousel Checks Review – Online Check Ordering Done Easy

Carousel Checks is a company that creates custom checks, specializing in making legit, cheap and customized checks for anyone willing to pay for the service. You can order checks from the company and have them customized to your liking – this goes from adding any sort of logo on the check to the use of customized family photos.

The company has been successful for many years, having started online operations over 15 years ago. Ever since the establishment of the company, the number of served customers have grown exponentially on a yearly basis. Today, they’re known to be one of the best personal check makers, but they also specialize in the creation of business checks and even checkbook covers.

With the number of customizable features available at your disposal, Carousel Checks ranks high as one of the best check makers on the planet. In this article, we’ll be reviewing everything you need to know about Carousel Checks, including all the services they offer as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using their reputable service.

An Overview of Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks offers a service that is widely used by many people across the US: they make custom checks, mainly for personal use. The most common practice of the company is printing checks with a large photo on the background. The photo is sent by the user, and it can be anything that the person wants – you, as a customer, get to choose what image your checks will have.

The checks are fully usable and approved by any bank in America. They also offer special printing services for businesses that want or require customized checks. Carousel Checks could work with your company to create special checkbooks for each employee, for example, if you want to have checks that identify your company in any way. Most companies like to include their logo on the checks.

The company has a very large catalog of custom designs that you can choose from. In fact, they have the largest selection of artwork that we’ve seen in any custom check company. The practice itself of ordering custom checks might not be as popular now as it was a decade ago, so it makes for a statement of quality that the company still grow in customers with each year that passes.

The Pros & Cons of Using Carousel Checks

Carousel Checks is one of the oldest and most prestigious custom check makers in America. The number of services that they offer gives you a ton of customization that will surely make your checkbook feel unique and draw attention. However, there are some drawbacks that are inevitable when using the service from Carousel Checks.

We’ve made a list of the best features of Carousel Checks as well as a small list of things that you may not like about the company. Put both lists of features into balance to decide whether you want to use the service or not. However, consider that there’s a reason as to why Carousel Checks is considered the go-to place to get the best custom checks.

Carousel Checks Pros

  • They have over 1,000 designs to choose from. The catalog that they offer is unmatched in terms of quantity as well as quality
  • Their services aren’t limited to checks – you can order customer checkbooks, stamps, and much more
  • Carousel Checks is regarded as the best site to order custom checks in America
  • Their products are of very high-quality, which is backed up by thousands of users from all around the country
  • Carousel Checks offers services for companies as well as for personal purposes

Carousel Checks Cons

  • They have a very strict no-return policy – once your order gets to your home, you’ll be stuck with it even if you don’t like it. Be sure to comment on whichever preview they sent you or you will be stuck with a product that you won’t like
  • Extra features cost extra money, but the actual prices aren’t as clear as one would hope for

Things You Need to Know About Carousel Checks

The services that Carousel Checks offer to satisfy a large clientele thanks to the many features on offer by the company. We’ve made a complete list of the most important features and useful information about Carousel Checks, as well as any other things that you may need to know about the company before paying for their services.

Full Customization

Carousel Checks will allow you to make checks exactly to your liking. As such, there are no limits as to what things you add to your checks, as long as the company offers the service. You don’t even need to send them a picture – you could even create your own logo and send it to the company, and they will add it to your checks.

The company has a ton of logos also available at your disposal, and they even offer seven different fonts to choose from.

User Safety

One of the reasons as to why Carousel Checks is so popular is because they know how to care for each user’s personal information. Working with banking information is always a delicate subject, and users tend to be very wary of companies preying on their personal data.

However, Carousel Checks uses a security system to prevent personal data leaks, which makes user information stay in as much of a safe environment as possible. The way they protect confidential information resembles the system that banks use, so you can rest assured that none of your personal details will get leaked to criminals after you provide them to the company.

Customer Support

Carousel Checks has two options on their site which are fully dedicated to answering user questions and avoid any misunderstandings. The first option is a long and complete section of frequently asked questions (FAQ), where you can look for any answers before contacting the company with any doubts or complains.

The second option that they have is a phone number which can be called from anywhere in America without paying any extra money. You can then contact their customer support service and they’ll happily clear out any doubts you may have. They will also help you better understand the cost of their cheques, which can be deceiving given that some prices don’t include shipping.

Company Prestige

Although not a feature itself, the prestige that Carousel Checks has makes it one of the best options that you can choose if you want to get custom checks done for your company or for yourself. They offer you the chance to even customize your checkbooks and even pre-inked stamps.

The company will be sure to assist you if you struggle to send them an adequate image, and they will gladly offer their assistance for free if you’re eager to order any products from them.

Carousel Checks Pricing & Fees

As with any physical product that you buy, the cost of your purchase varies depending on how many checks you want as well as which type of product you’re ordering. The company offers special discounts to people willing to buy over 600 checks.

In general, when you first look at the prices, they seem very reasonable and affordable. In fact, they are. However, they do charge an extra buck or two for handling fees, which don’t seem as reasonable given that the price basically takes up a huge chunk of the total cost of the checks.

Even taking the extra fees into consideration, Carousel Checks has some of the best prices of custom checks on the planet. They even give you the chance to cancel your order if you feel like you made a mistake, but it does cost an additional $5 – be sure that you’re content with your checks before ordering them.

You can get 300 regular checks for $29.99, or 600 for $39.99. They also offer you the option to get laser security checks, which come at $39.99 for 300 and $59.99 for 600.


Carousel Checks offers some of the best prices and most versatile services in the custom check industry. They have offered their services to thousands of people across America and the opinions that customers have on their services are, most of the time, very positive.

They offer special discounts to people who order more than one box of checks, and they’re able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of customers thanks to their special delivery services (some products can be delivered within one day, as long as you’re willing to pay the extra shipment costs).

We do feel like the company could be a bit clearer with pricing fees – especially when it comes to the costs of shipping. However, the cost of their checks is even lower than what most banks offer. Not only will you be getting a fully customized product, but you could also end up saving more than 50% of what you’d have to pay for a checkbook in any major bank. You can order their checks here.